Essential Components of Law Research Proposal:

Writing a research proposal incorrect style and structure is very important. A well-written research proposal should include:

  • A brief introduction of the facts describing the area of research on the chosen topic is required to be included in the background of the research proposal. Background generally covered the current approaches on the area of the proposed research.
  • Aim/questions of the research address the clear and specific reason why the topic has been chosen and what is the purpose of your project.
  • Significance of the research has to be included in the research proposal in which it is clearly mentioned that how this research will contribute to the chosen field of study?
  • An overview of the literature review is an important part of research; it identifies the chosen sources (peer-reviewed journals/books) on which your research will be based.
  • Research Methodology is the most important part of the research proposal in which the author will explain whether primary research will be effective in this field or secondary research. In law and legal studies mostly library-based research (secondary) will be encouraged; replying to the previously published journal articles, case reports, laws and legislations etc. There are a few types of research that will require empirical/primary research in which interviews, questionnaires, observations will be used as a research instrument for the data collection.
  • Data Analysis Procedures will display the process of analyzing data. If the empirical method is used in the research that means it has to analyze via statistical tool i.e. SPSS, MATLAB etc.
  • Timetable highlights the approximated timeline of the complete research project. For example, in the Month 1-3 research proposal will be completed, in Month 4-7 reading and finalization of the literature review will be completed etc.
  • References or the sources that have been utilized in the research proposal have to be listed down here in the reference list.
  • The proposed list of Bibliography has to be given in the proposal; which indicates that the literature review of the dissertation will be extracted from these sources.

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