How to Structure a Law Case Study?

  • The first and most important step to understand a case study is reading and comprehension. Read the case opinions, facts and situation very carefully. The case study does not have a specific format it may vary from case to case.
  • In the opening paragraphs, introduce the protagonist/s and topic of the case issue and describe the complete set of the case.
  • At the next step, briefly discuss the case synopsis in your own words. Chronologically describes all the characters of your case along with their problems. In some cases, the background context has to be given at the start of the paper.
  • The most helpful tool in analyzing legal reasoning and processes is the IRAC (Issue, Rule, Application, and Conclusion) method. According to this method, first, you’ll have to identify the issue out of the case study provided. In the next step, you are required to determine the rule of law that needs to be incorporated in your case study; this step needs to be review carefully as if you have chosen false law, the complete coursework or law assignment UK will be wasted. At this step reasonable care, thorough research and command on different rules of laws are required. The next step is the application, in which the chosen law is required to be applied in your situation. Once you have completed this step, the conclusion has to be made based on the rule of law and judgment of relevant case laws.
  • A case study is analyzed in order to understand why the issue has been raised and what will be the possible solution of this case, in the light of constitutions. To relate your practical situation with the theory is an important part of writing a case study assignment. The suggested solution has to be supported by facts given in the case along with relevant laws and case laws.
  • Finally, in conclusion, write down the legal verdict of each given situation of the case study assignment.

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