Sharpening memory that will make you stand out from the average population

One of the things which many students struggle with is their memory and their learning abilities. Many of them believe that they were sharp ad could retain a lot of information until they came to college. And when they had all this work to do, they suddenly felt like they couldn’t remember anything. It is the reason why many students search for the online essay writer UK, to get their assignments and essays done from professional writers. It gives them a healthy break so that they can relax and let their mind get recharged again. While overwork has always been associated with a harmful impact on our brain and body, that is not the only reason for poor memory amongst students.

If you look closely at this situation, the students who face this issue of forgetting things and not being able to remember names have one thing in common. It is a trait that is common mostly amongst college or university students. They are the ones who lack sleep and do not get a proper diet because of all the work that they have on their plate. Until school, things used to go nicely for them, as everything was chill. They didn’t have the pressure or the huge course load to worry about. And that is the biggest reason why students experience memory loss or a slowed brain response in general.

Stress inducing activities that will have you feeling down and under the weather:

When students get enrolled in college, they do it for all the right reasons. They know that they will get a degree and have so many things to look forward to. But in reality, college is nothing but a hell-hole for many. It is the first time many students are living on their own, and they not only have to complete all the work they get assigned but also have to make sure that they do all their chores. When things get tough, these students stop eating because they do not get the time to cook and order in.

The junk food, paired with lack of sleep, harms their brains which makes them think that they are experiencing memory loss or that their mind is going bonkers. Whenever you haven’t slept, your brain response will always be delayed. On top of that, the tiredness that comes with it also makes it tough to think and analyse things.

Let’s see how you can make things better for yourself and your memory.

Easy tips that will make your memory better and stronger np matter where you go or how old you get:

  1. Get a lot of sleep so that your mind is always active and sharp:

You must start to sleep more if you want your brain function to improve. You cannot just rest for a couple of hours every night and then expect your mind to cooperate in the morning. It is just not how it will work. To function correctly, our brains need adequate rest, which is only able to get at night. If you fail to sleep for 8 hours every day, your mind will remain tired throughout the week, and you will always feel groggy and tired. That, along with the work that you will have to do, will not do any good for you. A well-rested brain will do things quicker, and you will be able to get a lot more done, in less time.

  1. Eat green and organic food that is fresh:

Let’s be real. No students eat proper meals; all they do is get ready-to-eat meals which they then microwave to fill their bellies. It is okay to do so once in a while, but it becomes dangerous after a while. Try to eat as many fresh veggies especially green leafy vegetables and fruits that you can find, along with nuts. These are the three things which improve mind power and will always keep your brain fueled up. They contain vitamins and necessary minerals which our body, especially our brain needs to stay quick. If we do not have a healthy diet, our mind will not get enough nutrients to work correctly.

  1. Try eating supplements that will make your hair and skin shine and radiate:

There are so many nutrients that are missing in our diets because most of the times, college students do not eat healthily or do not take proper three meals a day. They skimp out on food and often do not have the money to buy good quality of food, which is why it is really essential to take vitamins so that your brain and body get what they need to work well. Take the chewable vitamins, and along with that, you can even get fish oil supplements. Cod liver oil has fantastic benefits for the hair and skin and even does wonders for one’s memory. So, if you feel like you are having a hard time revising for exams and cannot remember anything you study, take some vitamins to see the difference.

  1. Stay fit and exercise on a regular basis:

Meditation is the key to a peaceful living and a calm mind. When you meditate first thing every morning, you are telling your mind to calm and to think mindfully. Meditation promotes mindfulness. So, if you are someone who always stays anxious and finds it tough to de-stress, this is the way to go. All the stress that comes along and becomes an add on with being a college student deteriorates one’s brain and memories, making it difficult to remember things and to think on your toes. Mediate and exercise, because in doing so, you will be inhaling a lot of oxygen, which will then again do wonders for your brain.

  1. Reduce sugar, caffeine or drugs if any and all unhealthy things from your diet:

Caffeine is the staple of every college student’s diet. Students have coffee religiously in the morning every day and sometimes even drink more than one cup a day when they have exams coming up or when they have assignments to complete. It is not suitable for the mind as it prevents an already sleepy mind from sleeping. That does not have a good impact on the brain in the long run and makes you age faster. If you want to stay young, radiant for long and youthful and want your mind to be sharp, stop drinking caffeine. You will find yourself being in charge and more in control of your thoughts and your body this way. Even if you want coffee, go for the de-caf one.

While college is stressful, it will also help you understand a lot more about your body and your brain. Train yourself to make the right choices every time, so that you do not suffer at the end. If you keep in mind and follow all the steps given above, you will start to notice a massive difference in your memory retention abilities.

How you can rely on other supplements and hacks to make your memory retention better:

So many students are unaware of the things that can help them become better students or help them do well. They think that after getting admission in the right college, their job is done. When, in reality, it is not like that. Every student should start looking for ways to improve themselves. When the going gets tough, many students begin to search for help from professionals, so that they can get their work professionally done by the best academic writers. While that is not what every student does, it is a common trait amongst all college students. They get so much work to do which leaves them with no time to work on themselves. And in the little time that they get to themselves, they catch up on their sleep and study for their exams or quizzes.

Why is it important for students to even have a good memory? Does it have an impact?

Students must perform well in college. They need to be well-aware of how they perform so that they know what the weak areas are. It is seen in colleges that students do not care much about how they perform. They are only interested in turning in assignments on time and going to their classes. When in reality, they need to be eager to know where they lack and all their problem areas. While all this might not sound good in the beginning, you must work hard on yourself so that by the time you are able to graduate, you have jobs lined up.

Some students, who know their weak points, do try to work on them by following some tips which sound bizarre but work wonders. One of those tricks is to listen to music while studying. There have been many claims where people say that music does help them study better. Keep on reading to see if there’s any truth in them.

Trying out different ways and variations that have helped people out in the past with their memory:

  • Memory retention increases if you listen to similar things back and forth:

When you continously listen to music while studying, it helps set the right mood. Often once you get back home after a long day studying and working on assignments will be the last thing you would feel like you want to do. When you turn on music, it will motivate you to do better and will push you to study and get started in your work. Some so many people find it almost impossible to work without listening to songs because they trained their mind to stay focused. Once you are in the right mood, you can get almost anything done, without doubting yourself.

  • Concentration span increases over the time period:

Listening to songs will increase focus and concentration. No matter how many things you have to do, there are so many students who complain of  being unable to concentrate on the task altogether. Listening to music will help you get there and will intensify your concentration. The more you spend time listening to music, the more comfortable you will find to concentrate and give your task at hand, your hundred per cent. Music helps eliminate the background noises and distractions and will prove handy, especially when you live with a roommate or with your family, where you have to face a lot of distractions. It will cut you off and distance you from the real world and will make it easier for you to focus on what you need to do.

  • You will be able to study a lot quicker as everything will be ready to be stored in your mind for you:

You know when you listen to certain songs; you want to do things which will get you to the top of the world? Those songs that are motivating and are cheery will play a massive role in the way you do your things. It will improve your will-power as you will be able to get your work done without any hindrance. It will motivate you to do better and will give you the energy to get all your stuff done right on time. If you feel like you are out of energy and cannot muster up enough strength, listen to a song with high bass and you will automatically be inclined to work hard.

  • Improves the quality of your memory by making you quicker with retention:

Music is something which will help one improve their memory. Every time you decide to listen to an old song, your mind automatically makes you remember the last time you heard it and how you felt. The same way our mind remembers different smells and loves to associate it with memories; it does the same with music. It brings back a feeling of nostalgia. So, if you listen to a specific song in exam season, you will always relate that song to exams, and that alone will make you focused.

Not just that, but music will also make you remember certain things. Since you will have your complete attention on the work as music conceals all background noise, you will find it easy to retain information.

  • Reduces the other things burdening you and helps you focus on one thing:

Music will reduce your stress and will make you less anxious. There are so many different types of tunes out there that are calming and include nature’s tune which relaxes a human’s mind. If you are someone who gets really easily stressed out very quickly, you must listen to good music that will calm your nerves. Not just that, but when you listen to it while studying, you will always associate it with the same music, and that will help you get more focused, and you will be able to learn way quicker than you expected to.

Final Thoughts on the subject at hand:

It has been a common practice for students to listen to music when they are working. It makes them more efficient and keeps them concentrated for a long time. When you have a long list of assignments to do and live with people who might end up distracting you, you must turn towards songs since that will help you get ahead in life. Not only will they keep you really focused but will also provide you with the strength to move forward. If you find it challenging to work with tight deadlines and lose focus quite quickly, try giving songs a try and then see for yourself the difference that they make.


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