How to make money and save costs in college

How to make money and save costs in college

When students get into college or universities, they often decide to live in dorms on campus or in apartments off-campus. It is because a lot of colleges and universities are far from commercial areas which make commute long. So, to avoid all the traffic and hassle of travelling and to reduce costs, students make the tough decision of living alone. Of course, then they have to do all their chores themselves, which leaves them with less time to complete their assignments. They search for law essay writing to get everything completed on time, be it their coursework or personal chores. But this isn’t the only way one can reduce their costs. Students often tend to eat out or get expensive coffee from huge coffee chains which put a severe dent in their budget. And that ends up making it hard for them to get by.

While saving money might not sound that important to you at an early age, it becomes crucial when you set foot in college or when you start to live alone. If you have a job, you will start to understand how vital money truly is. Saving money means you have something to rely on when things go wrong. You will have money to buy your medicines if you fall sick or for any other emergency that might pop. Little extra savings always provide that added protection and helps one sleep soundly at night, knowing that they have money in their account. A lot of students often face this problem of over-spending money. They spend a lot more than they need to and then suffer after on when they have to pay the rent. This article will help you narrow out your weak points and will also educate you on the different ways you can end up saving your money.

Easy ways to save money in college:

  • Stop buying branded stuff:

If you live alone, chances are you go for pre-packaged food or ready to eat meals. The more preparation that has gone into food, the more costly it will be. Instead of getting pre-shredded cheese, buy the whole block and shred it yourself. Instead of getting chopped vegetables, chop them yourselves. It will save you tons of money without putting your health at risk. Not only this but when going grocery shopping, do not buy products from name brands because they cost more than other less known brands. Go for sauces or ketchup from lesser-known brands, there won’t be a massive difference in taste, but only a slight one in packaging and a vast difference in cost. The same goes for clothes and other beauty products. Instead of buying a branded pair of jeans, go to a thrift store and get a pre-loved item. You will find tons of daily use items and clothes there at a fraction of a price.

  • Get used textbooks:

Textbooks are expensive and one of the most costly things one has to get when going to college or university. Why spend hundreds of pounds on them when you can get them used for half the price from a senior. Befriend some seniors and ask them if they can give their book to you once they are done. Please buy it from them and then sell it once you are done with it. It will help you get money in return for something that you no longer need.

If you cannot find someone who can sell you their book, rush to the library and get it issued. A library card is cheaper than a book. Get it issued the minute you see which textbooks you need because if you get late, someone else will get it before you. With this tip, you will save so much money, and you will be surprised why you didn’t think of this before.

  • Get a room-mate:

We all like privacy and our space, saving money is more important. If you live alone off-campus, you should get someone to share the place with you. That way you will have someone to split the rent, utility and groceries bill with and that will cut you expenses in half. Plus, living with someone else isn’t that bad. Ask the people in your class if they are looking to share and then choose someone who you like and see yourself getting along with. Decide on the amount to be split beforehand, so there are no issues later on.

  • Use your student card:

A lot of students do not know this, but your student card is a lot more critical than you might think. It is not just a card which you use in place of a ruler, but it can also help you save money. How? A lot of cafes and restaurants and shops offer discounts to students. Even if you show your student card in busses or trains, you will get the discount there as well. Before going to a shop, ask them if they offer a student discount and if they do, then how much. You can also ask the seniors if they know of places which offer such discounts so you can go to the shop there and end up saving money while spending.

  • Utilise the college’s facilities:

Why get your coffee maker when you can get it from the cafeteria? A lot of times students come to the university or college with their appliances which the college already provides. Instead of getting your clothes laundered, you can go to the washing area of your college and do it yourself for free. You can avail free services such as the free gym and library. Instead of buying your computer, use the one at the library. If you do have a car or bike, you can borrow one from the college as a lot of them do have free bikes for the students to use. Get it from there and use it to travel all around the campus or even take it outside to get groceries or other stuff.

It may not sound like much at the start, but if you keep practising this, you will see just how much money you save at the end of the month. Even if you save one pound a day, you will have 30 pounds at the end of the month. And if you save 30 pounds each month for the whole year, you will have saved a considerable amount. Start being more aware of your expenses and spend your money wisely, because what you save today will help you tomorrow.

How to make money in college

Every college or university going student knows how important it is to have some extra cash on hand. But that seems almost impossible because they do not have enough time to do multiple jobs. They get one part-time job to cover their daily expenses, but in the long run, that cash isn’t sufficient enough when it comes to their needs. The students are only able to make little time for a job after looking for help, which they have to pay for. So all in all, it is a vicious cycle which keeps on repeating. Studying in college or university isn’t enough, as the assignments along with quizzes and research reports keep piling up, as every teacher assigns work every single day. It makes it impossible to have a personal life, let alone think of getting another job.

But if you do everything right, there are plenty of things you can do to earn money while staying in your dorm or by merely coming to campus.  Surprised to hear that? Many students are unaware of the possibilities that these educational institutes hold for them. There are a lot of things one can do to earn money while in college, and we will run you through them to make sure you do not spend another day being broke.

Easy ways to make money while in college or university:

One thing to remember is that every college is different from another. However, the points given below will apply to every institute so you can make some extra money without worrying about your location.

  • Become a T.A:

A lot of colleges and universities allow their teachers to keep an assistant which they choose from the students. Mostly the student with the best grades is selected for this position. However, teachers do conduct interviews with different students. Apply for that position and see if you can get in. You will get a lot of different perks that come with it along with a stipend in return to helping other students out.

If it doesn’t work out, then consider asking the college for a study/work job. You will be allowed to teach in that institute alongside to taking your classes. You might get your tuition fee knocked down and will also receive compensation for your services.

  • Start giving out tuitions:

Okay, so what is the one thing almost every student wants when they are stuck? Help from someone who knows what they are doing. When students struggle in a particular subject, they often do not like to go to the instructor and ask them to help, simply because they never paid attention in class in the first place. And they get down to study right before exams start, which is why they avoid the teachers to avoid any awkward confrontation. So an easy way to make money is cash in on the student’s laziness and desperation. All you will need to do for an easy source of income is start giving out tuitions to the students who need them and then charge them for it. You can add in group discounts or referral discounts and then charge everyone per session. It will help you get more people in the class, thus making you more money with every session you take.

  • Provide delivery services:

If you have your car or van, or even a bicycle you can quickly start doing deliveries. Since the students living on campus do not have enough time to go out and get groceries or to give and pick up their dry cleanings, all you have to do is start delivering such services. When going to the grocery store, ask all the students in your class if they need anything and then make one trip to the store and get everything. Charge them for this service, and you will instantly get some money. It will not require effort from your end either. You can also choose to cook and prepare meals to sell to the other students. Everyone gets tired of eating take-out and frozen foods so that will be a good change and will also be an impressive source of income.

  • Run errands:

Several students do not realise that they will have a ton of errands to run even when they are in college or universities. Offer to run errands for others where you go and get them food, lick up their laundry or clean their house for them. It will help you get quick, easy money but will also require you to put in the effort. If you get everything done on time, then sparing some time out for these activities won’t affect you or your academic but will only aid you financially.

  • Academic writing:

What is the one thing almost every student have in common? They want assignment writing services which will help them make some room on their plate. To do this successfully, complete all your work beforehand. Take your laptop to classes with you and in the middle of breaks, get all your work completed, so you are done for the day when you get back home. Then once you reach home, do at least 2 to 3 other assignments for students and charge them based on word counts or the number of sums solved. This facility will never go out of trend as it is the need of the hour for every college going student. Make sure you reach out to people in a way which doesn’t allow you to get caught and then get to writing. There is tons of money involved in this, and you will never regret doing this.

These are some of the easy ways you can make money while studying at a college or university. Living on campus, with limited resources, allows you to be more creative and think outside the box. Once you start doing that, you will come up with multiple ways to earn money while living anywhere. As long as you are social and are good with people, you will always find opportunities coming your way. Just remember, students require a lot of services which they often do not get on campus. Try looking into what those needs are and then provide them with the relevant solutions. It will be a win-win situation, and you will fee a lot better with some extra money in your bank account.


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