Finding the right roommates to live with in college or university

Finding the right roommates to live with in college or university

When going off to college or university, it gets tough to find a room or an apartment which will work for you. While the colleges have dormitories, a lot of people are shy about staying in them because they do not know the type of room-mate they might get. Student life doesn’t just revolve around cheap essay writing service UK and studying. A significant part of that life is the friends and room-mates that one has. Because when you live with someone, their habits start to rub off on you. And it is vital that you like each other because the two people do have to live together and agree on mutual things like keeping the room clean. If you got an apartment of your own or a beautiful place, then it is better to share it with a room-mate. It will be convenient and lighter on the pocket for you to fit it into your budget as you will split the rent and other utility bills.

But when it comes to finding a room-mate, that’s when things get tough. It would be fantastic if you had someone who will be on the same page as you. Someone who is quite a bit like you. If you are a clean freak, then you obviously wouldn’t want someone who is messy living with you. While it might sound quite an easy task, it isn’t. Someone who you plan to live with needs to be trustworthy and fair. You cannot split the bills with someone unreasonable. And that’s what makes this whole process though. But to simplify it we have made a list. Keep reading to see how you can find the right room-mate for yourself.

Finding the right room-mate to live with:

Here’s a complete series of what you need to see when getting a room-mate:

  • Ask Around:

When getting someone to live with you, it is best to ask the people you know. Ask your friends to see if anyone in their circle needs a shared space. When you get linked with someone who is a friend of a friend, things will straighten out immediately. Chances are if they are friends with someone you know, then they will be quite a bit like them, which is why they became friends. So ask your friends, teachers or your classmates even to see if anyone is interested in sharing with you or if they know someone who is.

  • Take multiple interviews:

Do not keep someone after just one interview. Take multiple interviews and repeat some questions to see if there is consistency in the answers. If not, then that would be a red flag. Ask them questions about their personality, see where their interest lie. Ask them about their past experiences if they had ever shared a room with someone else and if they did, then why are they switching it up now. All these questions will help you understand where the person comes from.

  • Do a background check:

Do not just ask someone to be your room-mate without doing a background check. Getting to know someone is significant. Look into that person’s social media profiles and see their interests and what they get up to on the weekends. See if they know any of your friends. Randomly message on of their friends and ask whats ort of a person they are. It will prevent you from keeping someone who isn’t right for you and will also help you find some common ground.

  • Discuss the costs beforehand:

Do not beat around the bush about costs and charges. Be upfront with them, and during the interview, make it clear how much the other person has to pay if they can afford it then right. If not, then you can move on to someone else. Discuss these in the beginning as later on, it gets confusing. Please make sure the other party understand what is expected of them. Make the amount to be paid every month very clear, along with the date of payment too. It will help you later on as everything will be well defined.

  • Get everything in writing:

What doesn’t exist on paper, doesn’t exist in real life. Remember if you decide everything orally, there will be no proof later on, which is why all the details the conditions and the amount and date of payment needs to be written and signed by the both of you on a piece of paper so it can become legal. If you do not do so, then the other person can do whatever they want, and you will be unable to get them to do what they agreed to, later on. Make sure the term of the contract is also mentioned along with any advance payments.

Thoughts on the matter:

It is almost impossible and really tough to find someone who is just like you. Even if you live with your best friend, you will face problems despite knowing each other well. But living with those problems and making an effort together is what will make you successful in this relationship. Ask your room-mate to be clear on every matter, so they can be just as satisfied as you are.

With that comes the hectic job of keeping the room clean

How to keep your dorm room squeaky clean:

It is not an easy task to keep your room clean, and your stuff organized when in college or university. Things get so hectic that it becomes almost impossible to make time for these tedious chores.  Maybe students would get more time to take care of themselves and sort out their lives if they weren’t so busy in homework. But that too is a part of student life. When they do get the time to do a little bit of clean-up, they end up procrastinating watching their favourite show, or they catch up on the much-needed sleep. Weekends are spent sleeping or by going out to party with friends. And between all this, the dorm room gets messier and messier. While a lot of students think that a messy room is okay, it isn’t. Here’s why you should clean it.

Why is it important to keep your room clean and straight?

With a messy room comes a lot of problems. There are things strewn everywhere, which makes it difficult to find what you are looking for. Being unable to find your keys or wallet will make you late for class and will also waste your time. The best thing that comes with a clean room is peace of mind. When everything is in its place and organized, the mind feels better. It is natural, and we feel frustrated and angry in a place which is cluttered and tidy, whereas clean and organized rooms will always make our mood better. So, save your time and make yourself feel better by cleaning up your surroundings. How to do that you ask? Keep on reading.

Easy ways to keep your room clean and tidy:

  • Make your bed the minutes you wake up:

Start your day on the right foot. Do not just rush to get ready in the morning. Wake up every day 5 minutes earlier than you usually do and then make your bed the minute you step out of it. Do not delay it, because if you do, you will probably forget to make it later on. Once you make your bed, you will come knowing that you will have a warm and comfortable bed all ready for you to dive in. And that is the best feeling ever. It also helps you feel accomplished as you already managed to do one of the tasks you set for the day.

  • Get wall mounts for the small stuff:

Do you know those little things that almost all of us tend to misplace? Stuff like keys and socks and hairpins. Get hooks or wall mounts to keep such stuff. Add a key holder right next to the door so that you can hang your keys the minute you enter. That way you won’t lose them. Another issue with dorm rooms is that they are quite small. And you need all the space you can get. Make the most by hanging your bag on a wall rack along with your raincoat and umbrella. Stuff like this is better when it is hanged since it doesn’t make a lot of clutter.

  • Put the laundry in a laundry bin:

It is the same with every student. Dirty laundry is spread all over the dorm room floor, and the entire room is buried in heaps of clothes. To prevent that from happening, get a laundry basket and put in underneath your bed. When you change, throw the dirty clothes in the laundry basket and then keep it there until you wash them all. That way, your room will stay neat and clean, and you won’t have to struggle to find all pieces of clothing when going to the washers. If you cannot find a laundry basket or bin, get a large box or carton and use that.

  • Empty the trash every night:

Not taking out the trash for days simply because there is space is a bad habit. Make it your duty every night to take out the trash before going to bed. Once you have this routine, you will automatically be inclined to take out the trash the minute you get home so you can be free of all your tasks. The more you delay it, the worse it will get, and the worse your house will smell. So do it every day, and you will notice how good you feel once the house is all sorted.

  • Vacuum once a week:

Do not forget to vacuum. The carpets can get dusty as it traps a lot of dirt and bacteria. Vacuuming will make it cleaner and will also make your place more comfortable to breathe in. A house that has accumulated dust will not be an ideal place for someone to live in since allergies will rise, and the person will continue to sneeze or cough. If you do not own a vacuum, get a broom and clean up manually all the floors. Do not forget to wipe the kitchen countertops after cooking.

All these tasks are so small and only take five minutes to do. But if you delay them, they will turn into this huge mess that won’t go away. If you do not do these tasks every day, it will take you hours to sort all this mess out. Take small steps, and you will see a noticeable difference in the state of your room.


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